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Frequently asked questions

Our staff picked some of the most asked questions about SMM panels and replied to them.

An SMM panel is an online shop where people can buy cheap SMM services.

Our panel offers different types of SMM services: followers, likes, views and many more.

Ordering our SMM services is 100% safe, you won't lose your accounts.

Using mass orders, it's easy to place several orders with different links at the same time.

You can build the engagement on your account at your desired speed. Let's say you want 2000 likes on your Instagram post. Instead of getting all 2000 of them right away, you can get 200 per day during 10 days.

Mass orders are used when you need to place several orders at the same time.

Buy instagram Followers

One billion people use Instagram every month, and the number is growing every day. Everyone can benefit from this large number of users, private individuals as well as entrepreneurs.

Why to buy followers on Instagram

The viewer immediately notices the number of buy followers on Instagram: a high number of followers is associated with great popularity and is more likely to convince possible followers to follow you as well. The operators also know this and therefore clearly highlight the number of their followers. And the exciting thing about it is: As soon as the limit is broken, there will be more from day to day. Provided, of course, that you post stimulating content frequently and build a community to buy followers for Instagram. A comparison can illustrate the effectiveness of buying Instagram followers: imagine a group performing in back rooms in front of 10 to 30  people. Hardly any music reporter will report about it. The situation is different when the same band rents a large concert hall and makes sure that it is sold out.

Is it safe to pay for Instagram followers on smmlives.com?

Smmlives.com has set itself the goal of maintaining high quality standards with years of knowledge and experience. In addition to good customer service, this also includes the protection of our customers when they pay for Instagram followers. We are not aware of any case in which an account was blocked as a result of our packages and no need of password makes it even more safe for the customers. We will never ask you for your password. We only need your username to start operating the Instagram followers. More followers mean more reach - even if the likes don't increase to the same extent.

Is there no-drop Instagram followers for sale?

Buying followers is perfectly legal. You don't have to worry about your account being blocked or even deleted. We still advise buying no drop followers. Many providers give you the choice between different types of followers. In this way, for example, the nationality of the false followers can be narrowed down or the period varied. This is useful, for example, if you don't want any of your friends to notice the purchase. In addition to followers, you can also buy likes and comments. However, purchased comments are usually quite simple and monotonous, so this could expose the scam. The amount dropped in compensation guaranteed services will be restored during the warranty period.

Are instagram followers fake bots or real users?

A distinction must be made between buying fake followers and investing in fake bot followers, so-called social bots. Fake followers are fake accounts. They are profiles that are not active and where there is no real person behind them. You can easily buy these online for a certain amount and that changes also if the bot is real or fake. The social bots are programmed to different hashtags. They like, follow and unfollow different profiles and comment on behalf of the user. For example, a bot can like 60-80 photos per hour. However, the goal of this investment is the same as when buying real instagram followers, namely to increase the number of followers.

Instagram men and women followers

You not only need Instagram followers, you also need the right followers. At smmlives.com you can now determine whether you want to buy male or female Instagram followers. After all, women and men often have different interests.

On Instagram, women are more likely to follow channels related to beauty, while men are more likely to follow profiles related to cars. Once you have many men or buy women followers, Instagram will increasingly suggest your account for the gender you have chosen. This helps you to optimize and increase your reach for your target. One might think that women in particular are interested in female subscriptions. While in the beginning it was mostly women who actually used the platform, there are also more and more young men buying Instagram followers. Over time, this service has become one of the most well known at the increase men followers section too and is consistently used by a wide variety of target groups.

Is it possible to pay 1 usd,5 usd or 10 usd for followers and likes on smmlives.com

Yes it is possible to pay 1,5 or 10 dollars on the platform to get followers. Of course you want - that your Instagram followers stay with you in the long term. If you decide to pay for instagram likes from the follower section - you can be sure that this is the case. Although there may be a short-term loss of Instagram followers as part of updates, you will never lose your Insta subscriptions. Quality and customer satisfaction is important to us. Thus, the follower and like team offers a lifelong replenishment guarantee for all mediated followers with cheap offers.

How much does it cost to buy 1k and 10k followers and likes on Instagram?

Regardless of whether you are self-employed, a freelancer or an entrepreneur - buy 1k and 10k followers which means 100.000 followers brings decisive advantages when it comes to online marketing and positioning. So it is hardly surprising that many companies invest in buy instagram likes. As with all products, the price plays a main role and should be as cheap as possible. At smmlives.com, customers get the perfect price for real Instagram followers. The prices for Instagram followers fluctuate greatly and are gradually adjusted. Furthermore, the prices differ depending on the provider and quality. All in all, you can expect around 5-20 dollars depending on the quality for 1,000 Instagram followers which also means 1k followers at the same time.

How to buy cheapest instagram followers, likes and views

At smmlives.com everyone can buy Instagram likes and thus benefit maximum. These cheap instagram followers come from an exchange network and, in addition to an authentic picture, also have their own posts and subscribers. Some of them even post stories and interact with the content. The authenticity is therefore guaranteed, so that nobody notices the purchase when you buy instagram reels views. The necessary degree of seriousness is also ensured. There are many reasons why companies buy followers - but they all have one thing in common: the purchase of Instagram followers should not be noticed by anyone in order to be able to really achieve the desired effect. Price/quality balance is more important than cheapness in these purchases via smmlives.com.

Is it safe to pay for followers, likes and views?

In contrast to many other providers, we offer real Instagram followers. This has the decisive advantage that the purchase of the intant Instagram followers is not noticed and they thus fulfill the desired purpose. In addition to a profile picture, the buy Instagram views at smmlives.com also have their own followers, post their own posts and sometimes even stories. This underlines the authenticity of the accounts, which is not only authentic for companies, but also for other users. The Instagram followers are won at smmlives.com via an exchange, which ensures the authenticity of the followers. In addition, these are regularly checked by us, so that a high level of security is guaranteed. Many well known companies started like this to buy followers to get what they want. It should be noted that the user is responsible for all kinds of problems but we ensure no trouble.

Is there weekly or monthly packages for instagram followers, likes and views?

Maximize the reach of your Instagram posts with a buy weekly or monthly Likes subscription. Our offer includes automatic Instagram likes and views, so every new post you publish gets a significant number of likes from the start. Increase your visibility and convince other users that your account is popular. A larger number of likes on your posts can help your content appear more often in other users' feeds and thus be seen by them as well. Increase engagement on your account and buy followers for more traffic to your account. With automatic services you can also expand your regular reach and gain more followers.